Workshops and Talks


Coming Soon:


  • Semana I. @ Tec de Monterrey campus Torreón. Coahuila, México (26-27, September 2017)

  • Biotechniques Module @ Schumacher College and Eden Project.  Devon, England (October 2-6. 2017)

  • Terrains Symposium @ Duluth Arts Institute.  Duluth, MN. USA. (Oct 28-29th, 2017)

Past Events


Biomimicry Days at the Dundee Science Festival. (Organiser)

Dundee, Scotland. 8th, 9th and 16th November 2014 @ D’Arcy Thomson Zoology Museum

A series of talks to celebrate the launch of the Biomimicry UK website.

-Talk: Biomimicry, Bionics or Biomimetics: The state of the Art of Learning from Nature.

-Biomimicry UK website Launch and Panel Discussion

-Talk: Place-Based Biomimicry

-Talk: Resilience by Biomimicry

More Details:


Taller de Biomimesis at Universidad Autonoma de Aguascalientes (Talk and Facilitator)

Aguascalientes, Mexico. 6-10 October 2014 @ Conferencia Interdisciplinaria ‘Hablo Diseño 2014’

Platica: Biomimesis, Cosmovision y Escenarios Futuros

Taller de biomimesis: 6-10 Octubre (Jadin Botanico Universitario/Talleres de dis


Dundee Sustainability Jam (Talk and Organiser)

Dundee, Scotland. 22th-24th November 2013 @DCA

Talk: Sustain-able: Able to change your intentions? From the roots of the sustainability movement to the issues of making sustainability a fun thing.

An amazing experience of being part of the organising team too: More details:


Diseño Simbiótico : escenarios futuros para un planeta viviente (Ponencia)

European Parliament. Strasbourg, France. November 8th, 2013

Descripcion: una visión holística acerca de cómo debemos implementar esquemas educativos y de investigación para reconocer que el planeta ya es inteligente desde hace millones de años, que los seres vivos deben co-existir en armonía, y cómo a través de la biomimesis y esquemas ecológicos se está logrando adaptarse a un planeta viviente.


1st Global Conference on Biomimicry and the 7th Biomimicry Education Summit (Paper)

Boston, USA. June 21h/2013

Description: Biomimicry, Biophilia and Resilience as a partnership: Promoting design values, issues and ethics.


Living Cities Symposium (Talk)

Alloa,Scotland.  June 17th/2013

Description: On Symbiotic Cities and Biomimicry.


Designing with meaning: Biomimetic and Biophilic practices (workshop)

@Permaculture Scotland, Perthshire. June 14th/2013

Description: A workshop that introduces the way in how we can design with nature and be with nature expanding our Eco-literacy towards a Bio-Civilization.

The atendees will:

Learn how to practice Biomimicry (the emulation of natures’ wisdom) and how to experience our Biophilia (the innate affiliation with the natural world) as one common purpose: the acquisition of an ethical image of our future, where human intention and nature’s intention become one as symbiosis (which in terms of biology means, an interaction between two different organisms living in close association, typically to the advantage of both). It is time to become ethical designers understanding the language of animals, plants, fungi and bacteria in our permaculture practices.

more details:


Extreme Resilience: A way to change along with nature (workshop)

@Future Connections. University of Edinburgh, June 6th/ 2013

Description: When facing technological mistakes or natural disasters the human-nature dialogue appears, promoting resilience and linking individuals, communities or populations organically (Tidball, 2011). This workshop will bring an ethical response through ‘resilience thinking’ as an ecotechnic in order to find a natural rhythm for our society, fitting and changing our human intention along with nature’s intention.

The attendees will:

• Become aware from visualizing future scenarios of the need to develop a holistic worldview of our current human endeavors.
• Understand how the patterns found in the natural world can help to connect sustainable strategies.
• Acquire a sense of resilience through comparing and contrasting elements in order implement ethical decision-making in your area of expertise.

more details:!workshops/c1gcq

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