• Rewilding workshops

A mix of practices and experiences that help to reconnect with nature. Creativity, ethics and interspecies understanding as key aspects.

  • Biomimicry workshops

Learning from nature to develop products, services and experiences. Curiosity, discovery and prototyping as foundations to acquire a new

  • Future Scenarios workshops

Ancient knowledge to develop the future we want for our children, our organizations and our planet. Forescasting, gamification and permaculture principles as meaningful assessments.


Biomimetic Product Design

  • Concept development, 3D prototypes, Life Cycle Analysis.


Interactive Biophilic Art installations

  • Ephemeral experiential spaces for festivals, conferences and fairs.


Ecological Thinking consulting and facilitation

  • From individual self-awareness to collective collaboration. From ethical assessments to sustainable practices . From ethical technologies to regenerative spaces.



2 responses to “Services

  1. hey, great page! get in touch, petra

    Biomimetics in Architecture – Architecture of Life and Buildings. P.Gruber 2011

    Bioinspiration & Biomimetics Volume 7 Number 1, March 2012
    Special section on bioinspired architecture and construction

    What is the Architect doing in the Jungle? Biornametics. B. Imhof and P.Gruber (Eds.) 2013

    • Hi Petra,

      Many thanks. Actually, we meet before in Bath, at Biomimetics 11.
      Thanks for the resources! I will tweet. Cheers.

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