Bio-inspiring books No.5


Nature as Teacher: New Principles in the Working of Nature by Viktor Schauberger

On this book you will find why Viktor Schauberger is considered one of the first genuine environmentalists. Its sensitivity about the natural phenomena took him to predict ecological catastrophes. Was between the 1920s and 1940s that he designed machines that were considered to advance for his time. Harnessing the magical processes of Nature always frustrate him because he couldn’t find the right team of people to work with. Callum Coats, the editor made an interesting translation and research which pictures Vicktor as one of those polymaths that inspire us to keep exploring nature’s wisdom.

The evolution of designs: biological analogy in Architecture and applied arts by Phillip Steadman

On this anthology of stories Steadman looks how architects and designers have looked to biology for inspiration since the early 19th century. Influenced by the creativity and restrictions of their time, he narrates how objects and ways of thinking have evolved. With his critical point of view the author illustrates how forms of plants and animals is been a method in design. On this revised edition is included recent developments such as the introduction of computer methods in design in the 1980s and ‘90s, which have made possible a new kind of ‘biomorphic’ architecture through ‘genetic algorithms’ and other programming techniques, history that we cannot ignore in the verge of the 21st Century.

The Nature of Investing: Resiliet investment strategies through biomimicry by Katherine Collins

Reveals how natural principles are able to transform the investment process from the roots up. The authors approach goes ‘beyond sustainability’ to form a naturally-modeled investment system that is inherently resilient and regenerative. As she says: “Readers will be inspired by the power and relevance of natural principles, and will discover new ways to understand the recent shortcomings (and successes) in our financial system. Most importantly, they will explore the map of an approach that re-aligns investing with the world it was originally meant to serve.”


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