biomimetic façade: Flectofin | Fachada biomimetica: Flectofin

The Theme Pavilion designed by Soma Architecture from Vienna, Austria, is one of the central buildings of the Expo 2012 in Yeosu, South Korea. The main entrance and the side overlooking the expo site are characterized by a moving media façade, which draws attention on the Expo‘s theme The Living Ocean and Coast.

The basis for the development of the biomimetic façade was the analysis of natural movement principles found in the flora world. This technical concept for the kinematic fins came from Knippers Helbig Advanced Engineering. The use of glass-fiber reinforced plastics (GRP), which combine high tensile strength with low bending stiffness, allo- wed large reversible elastic deformations and thus enabled a completely new interpretation of convertible structures. Even though the Yeosu facade does not follow the abstraction of the plant movement directly, prior analyses of these biological concept generators led to a deeper understanding of the biomimetic potential and encouraged to look for solutions outside of traditional preconceptions, in this case exploiting deformations and stability failure modes for a translation into the Yeosu shading system.



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