ornilux, caring for birds | ornilux, cuidando a los pajaros

ORNILUX is a specially developed impact-resistant insulated glass that can be used in all window or facade installations, just like conventional insulated glass. The Max Planck Institute for Ornithology supported the development of ORNILUX by conducting extensive field testing in the Radolfzell Bird Sanctuary to investigate a bird’s ability to recognize glass sheeting. Based on these test results, ORNILUX can now be recommended to architects or builders to minimize the effects of bird-strike in buildings having large glass installations – without requiring the use of visual barriers which are disturbing to people.

In this instance, Arnold Glas has taken inspiration from the orb-weaver spider whose webs reflect UV light to prevent birds flying through them. A mesh of lines coated onto the glass – barely visible to humans but also reflecting UV radiation – alerts birds to its presence.


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