Zygote Quarterly issue 02

The second issue of Zygote Quarterly is here. The lead article explains how Eiji Nakatsu, a bird watching engineer, improved the design of the Japanese Bullet Train by studying the owl and the kingfisher. We can learn next about a designer in our ongoing interview of practicing professionals: Tom Knittel of the architectural firm HOK. Finally, get two expert perspectives on R. Buckminster Fuller and his study of nature from Jay Baldwin and Curt McNamara.We have added three new regular sections to our format: “portfolio”, “opinion” and “tools”. The portfolio feature will present visually inspiring work of professionals in all disciplines.  The edition showcases the beautiful and informative images of scientist/artist David Goodsell.  This issue includes a provocative critique of popular biomimicry beliefs by Nikolay Bogatyrev. The tools section introduces an engineering-to-biology thesaurus, a tool in progress by professor Jacquelyn Nagel. Thaks to  Tom McKeag, Norbert Hoeller and Marjan Eggermont.

See on zq.sinet.ca


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