Bio-inspiring books N.1 | Libros Bio-inspiradores N.1



This is the fist post in where I add a book series of  visionary authors that has been complementing my research in a deep sense. In their content you can find different topics from Natural History to Design sub-disciplines. Certainly the reading of these will help to open minds to our future stay on Earth and the way of we design stuff.

Este es el primer post donde  integro una serie de autores visionarios que han venido complementando mi investigacion con su profundo contenido. En ellos podran encontrar temas que van desde la Historia Natural hasta las sub-disciplinas del diseno. Si duda alguna su lectura ayudara a abrir la mente hacia el futuro de nuestra permanencia en la Tierra y la forma en que disenamos.

  1. Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature (Janine Benyus). Pioneer and basic book that show the next step of Ecological Design. This was the booster of my research. |Libro basico y pionero  que muestra el siguiente paso del Ecodiseno, Este fue el detonante de mi investigacion.
  2. Nature’s operative instructions: The True Biotechnologies (Bionners Series). A wonderful compilation of essays that bring ancient and future vision in the search of an harmonic and healthy world trough different disciplines. | Maravillosa compilacion de ensayos que integran tanto una vision ancestral y futurista en la busqueda  de un mundo armonico y saludable a traves diferentes disciplinas.
  3. Evolutionary Architecture: Nature as a basis for Design(Eugene Tsui). One of the most inspiring architects of our time! His book contains a beautiful way of design with Nature. | Uno de los mas inspiradores arquitectos de nuestros tiempos! Su libro contiene una hermosa vision de disenar junto a la Naturaleza.

2 responses to “Bio-inspiring books N.1 | Libros Bio-inspiradores N.1

  1. You should also take a look at “cradle to cradle- remaking the way we make things” by William McDonough & Michael Braungart

    • Thank you Federico… this will be in the next recopilation of books.
      Is very interesting the fact of eco-efficency…. the ideas of nutrivehicles, buildings that work like trees, and other exaples so related with biomimetic design.

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